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Greece allowed same-sex fostering

The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes to 103 on May 9. It states that same-sex civil partners (same-sex marriage is not legal in Greece but civil partnership is allowed for same-sex couples as an option if they want to have their relationships recognized) are now permitted to foster children, though there are still … Continued

Kansas and Oklahoma both allowed to discriminate against gay adopters

The US states of Oklahoma and Kansas have approved a “religious freedom” veto which allows adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples in adoption if their religion tells them to do so. The Kansas Senate approved the bill on Friday morning, with a 24-15 majority vote. The overwhelmingly Republican state will now send the bill to … Continued

Dustin Lance Black has to hit back the haters again

The Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who is having a baby via surrogacy with his British husband Tom Daley, had been co-hosting an hour-long discussion of surrogacy at the BBC Radio 5 Live’s Afternoon Edition. During the segment, Black said that the negative reaction within the UK was fuelled by “misconceptions” – and revealed that … Continued

Adoption agencies in Philadelphia deny same-sex adoptions

Two adoption agencies in Philadelphia, US have been found to turn away LGBTQ couples from their services. A lesbian couple was denied in adoption by Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services – two separate agencies which are listed with the Department of Human Services. They did not deny that fact that their sexuality was … Continued

Finnish babies are allowed to have 2 moms

The country’s parliament approved the citizens’ initiative to change the law which means one of the newborn baby’s lesbian mothers (who is not biologically related to him or her) can be stated in the child’s birth certificate as a parent without an adoption procedure. It means the Maternity Act is amended to apply to same-sex … Continued

Georgia state is planning to ban same-sex adoption

A bill that would allow adoption agencies to turn away same-sex couples has passed the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee. Introduced by Republican state senator William Ligon, Senate Bill 375, the Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act, would let adoption agencies say ‘no’ to gay couples and use their religious beliefs as an excuse.The … Continued

Dustin Lance Black hit back the haters

Dustin Lance Black has reacted to the flood of hate he faced when he and his husband Tom Daley announced they are going to become fathers, apparently via surrogacy. Lance said he is not going to answer haters using their own weapon – bigotry and hate. He is not angry, all he feels is excitement … Continued