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Dustin Lance Black hit back the haters

Dustin Lance Black has reacted to the flood of hate he faced when he and his husband Tom Daley announced they are going to become fathers, apparently via surrogacy. Lance said he is not going to answer haters using their own weapon – bigotry and hate. He is not angry, all he feels is excitement … Continued

Croatia has its first same-sex parenting book

A launch took place at the French Institution in Zagreb and 500 copies of the book were sold out already. A statement from an advisor at the French Embassy, Guillaume Colin, reads that diversity, tolerance and respect is in the center of the European values regardless of the country. The coordinator of the Rainbow Families … Continued

Gay couple and their triple blessing

Gay couple (Jason Babcock, 30, and Adam Gentile, 31), took to Instagram to tell the world that their family in which there is one child already, is going to expend soon. The Massachusetts based couple posed wearing “Dad of All Things shirts while holding their son Tristan, who is wearing a thing one onesie. Behind … Continued

Canadian couple couldn’t adopt a child because of anti-gay views

The couple from Alberta which has evangelical views is suing the provincial government for not allowing them to adopt a child because of their anti-gay position. It is written in legal documents that this couple is employed, homeowners and that they had a “happy and healthy” community network and they wanted to adopt one child … Continued

Perez Hilton – Father via surrogacy for the third time

On the 4th of October Mayte Amor made Perez Hilton a father via surrogacy for the third time. Perez has two more children Mario who is 4 years old and Mia Alma, she is 2. According to Hilton’s posts in Instagram, she ‘waited until 41 weeks to make her fashionably late arrival.’ Her weight was … Continued

Childrean can be happy in all families

In the Medical Journal of Australia was published the study, where a key argument of Australia’s anti-marriage equality campaign is a claim that children need a mother and a father to rise happily. But they don’t, in same-sex families children have only a mom or only a dad but they have a lot of care … Continued

The first same-sex adopters in Germany

As we know same-sex marriage became legal in Germany on 1 October 2017. Previously, same-sex couples could not get married but could enter into civil unions only but civil unions did not give them a right to adopt children and to become parents officially. During this short time after same-sex marriage legalization a lot of … Continued

Trying to become parents

Pedro and Marcelo have been trying to become dads since 2015, and decided to pursue fatherhood via surrogacy. “Adoption in Brazil is a lengthy and unfair process,” Pedro said. Surrogacy in Brazil also has its limitations, however, in that it is permitted only “altruistically,” meaning no money can exchange hands. To serve as a surrogate, … Continued