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Trying to become parents

Pedro and Marcelo have been trying to become dads since 2015, and decided to pursue fatherhood via surrogacy. “Adoption in Brazil is a lengthy and unfair process,” Pedro said. Surrogacy in Brazil also has its limitations, however, in that it is permitted only “altruistically,” meaning no money can exchange hands. To serve as a surrogate, … Continued

The legal complications LGBT couples can face when starting families

Gay couples deserve to create their own families, but there are always people who against it. Still, in many countries it is prohibited to create same-couples families. Nevertheless, many states support LGBT communities. A gay couple denied the chance to have a baby using a surrogate challenged a Utah law’s reference to heterosexual parents Tuesday … Continued

Gay dads are being bullied after they’ve featured in advert

Recently, Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi together with their 19-month-old son Carter, had been featuring in the new McCain chips advert. Lee and Mat, who had Carter via a surrogate, agreed to participate in shooting, as they believed it would help to promote family diversity and same-sex rights equality. The advertisement wasn’t all about these two … Continued

Government of Israel informs it will no longer oppose same-sex adoption

Same-sex adoption became legal in Israel in 2008 and since that time only three couples have become gay parents. Same-sex couples can currently be approved for adoption, but they are treated unfavorably compared to heterosexual married couples. They can only adopt children for whom no adoptive heterosexual married couple can be found, often those coming … Continued

Australian same-sex couple tied the knot in legal ceremony

Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Australia, but people from LGBT community try their fortune in legalization of the marriage. Just like one lesbian couple did on July 8, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Carly Naughton, 31, and Alee Fogarty, 28, exchanged vows under the auspices of the Evermore Pledge, an agreement which gives couples … Continued

The army of UK releases rainbow camouflage cream for gay soldiers

The army of UK has dropped the ban on openly gay and lesbian military personnel on far 2000. More importantly, it allows members of the armed forces to take part in Pride parades in uniform. It also has been ranked by LGBT advocacy group Stonewall as one of the country’s top 100 employers for LGBT … Continued

Malta made history by voting on legalization of same-sex marriage

Malta has been the smallest nation in European Union and in the same time overwhelmingly Catholic. But in its latest history the country made many steps forwards excepting LGBT minorities with their right for equality. Finally, Malta’s Parliament has voted to allow same-sex couples to marry, three years after passing a law permitting civil partnerships. … Continued

LGBT activists in Chile faced off a homophobic “Hate Bus”

The so-called orange “freedom bus” is a touring bus with a group of activists supporting conservative and ultra-Catholic views on social issues. This Citizen Group was funded in Spain in 2013 and now it is present in more than 50 countries with over 4.7 million of supporters across the world. Before Chile, the orange bus … Continued