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There are a lot of couples all over the world which are willing to become parents but have not such ability due to different reasons.

It is exciting time when you take a decision to become parents. Since the time you took this decision you start to search for ways to implement you dream into reality. You search for the opportunity to have the family you always want.

It is known that for same-sex couples, surrogacy is a viable option to create a family. But this way have the other side, surrogacy is illegal or banned in many countries all over the world.

Even more unfortunate fact is that due to intolerance of the LGBT community many countries will not allow same-sex couples to have a child through surrogacy.

Many famous couples and singles, straight or gay, created their families through surrogacy, for example Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and Neil Patrick Harris (and it is not the whole list).
For those interested in surrogacy, we have made a list in regards to surrogacy by countries.

Commercial Surrogacy involves a surrogate being paid to carry a child.
United-States California, Arkansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois (must be a married couple to have a baby via surrogacy).
Russia Russia – for gay couples it is very difficult to use surrogacy process in Russia.
Ukraine Ukraine – commercial surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine, however, you must be a married heterosexual couple.

Mexico State of Tabasco (Mexico) – recently Tabasco government officials stopped issuing birth certificates for couples using surrogates.

Thailand Thailand – Thai couples can have children via surrogate but they must be heterosexual and married for three years. Gay couples in Thailand cannot hire a surrogate.

Altruistic Surrogacy – is a process when a surrogate mother does not receive any form of payments for being a surrogate, except insurance, medical expenses, travel, time off from work, etc.

This form of surrogacy is available in:

United-States Washington, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, Michigan – commercial surrogacy is illegal and surrogacy contracts are not recognized. Florida – couple must be married to use a surrogate. Virginia, Utah – might be very difficult for same-sex couples to use a surrogate.

Canada Canada
Belgium Belgium
Denmark Denmark

United-Kingdom UK – surrogate is legally recognized as the mother, regardless if she is biologically related to the child or not. In the UK surrogacy contracts are not enforced.

Greece Greece – it is forbidden for same-sex couples to use a surrogate.

Israel Israel – there is a new bill, it appears that surrogacy may become commercialized and will be allowed for gay couples.

Netherlands Netherlands – couples looking for a surrogate in the Netherlands cannot publicly announce (not even on social media) that they are looking for a surrogate.

Australia Australia – in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland it is allowed for gay couples to use surrogacy, in others Australian states it is forbidden. Some Australian states have requirements to be married or a single woman, or need a surrogate based on health reasons.

Surrogacy is Banned or Contracts are Prohibited within the Country
United-States Arizona – surrogacy contracts are prohibited, surrogacy still occurs, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, Indiana.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
France France
Germany Germany
Italy Italy
Portugal Portugal
Spain Spain

Illegal to Go to Another Country for Commercial Surrogacy

Australia Parts of Australia – in ACT, New South Wales and Queensland it is illegal to use commercial surrogacy in a foreign country.

Recognition of Foreign Surrogacy

France France – surrogacy is banned in France, in 2014 France’s highest court officially granted legal recognition to surrogate children born in foreign countries. This means that surrogate children born abroad with French citizen parents will now be legally recognized as citizens of France.

Germany Germany – in 2014, Germany’s Supreme Court handed out a ruling that granted children born of foreign surrogacy, legal recognition.

Spain Spain – will recognize surrogate children born in countries where surrogacy is legal as Spanish citizens.

Non-recognition of Foreign Surrogacy
Some countries will not recognize you and/or your partner as the legal parents of child if you go to another country to have a child via surrogacy.
Portugal Portugal
Netherlands Netherlands
Italy Italy – technically, Italy does recognize foreign surrogacy.

Australia Parts of Australia – some states allow for Australians to enter into a surrogacy agreement overseas, however, the Australian parents may not be recognized as the parents of their child born via surrogate if they enter into a commercial surrogacy.

No Laws/Regulation on Surrogacy

Ireland Ireland – surrogate who carries the child in Ireland may be put as the birth mother on the birth certificate. If a couple use an international surrogacy, they may have problems with Ireland recognizing the child as a citizen of Ireland.

Nepal Nepal – there is actually no law concerning surrogacy in Nepal, therefore, surrogacy contracts are not enforceable.

Does Not Allow International Surrogacy Within Their Country
Thailand Thailand – Thai government outlawed international couples or singles from hiring Thai surrogates.