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Two dads are showing positive pictures of their life as gay parents in social media

A big family, which consists of two dads, Manuel and Bud, and two children, four-year-old Álvaro and two-year-old Carmen, happily live in Spain, where laws, legalizing same-sex marriage and therefore – parenthood, had been adopted since 2005. In late 2012 a couple decided to have a child via surrogacy and since that time they have been running an Instagram page, where their journey with all the pleasures of being dads is showed in pictures and comments.

The reason why they share their everyday life publicly in social media is that they believe it is important for people to see such families, to get used to them and to try to empathize them as well. Two men think that this is the only way their kids will be able to live in a more tolerant society.

Manuel and Bud explain: “We have received many messages from people who had never seen a family with two dads before and then they see us and follow us on social media. And they congratulate us and thank us for showing them our children growing up happy even though they aren’t in a traditional type of family. Many young people who are not yet completely out of the closet tell us that we are role models to them. That really makes us feel good. There are a lot of small towns that don’t have families with same-sex parents yet, so we feel like our visibility online is important, because everybody nowadays has access to the internet and are on social media”.