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Woman gave birth to her grandchildren to help her gay son

Valdira das Neves, 45, and her son Marcelo das Neves Junior, 24, are “living a dream” following the birth of twins Noah and Maria Flor. Marcelo is biologically related to the twins, his mother had donor eggs implanted in her womb after fertilization. Valdira survived an infant loss 4 years ago, her newborn daughter died just a week after birth. Then she started to search for a fertilization clinic because she wanted a child but realized it would not be 0easy in her 40s. At the clinic she found out about surrogacy for gay men and decided to help her son with starting a family. After three unsuccessful attempts, Valdira became pregnant in January of this year. She gave birth with her son and her husband at her side, nine days ahead of her due date. Both babies are doing well, though Noah was initially taken to an intensive care unit with “a little breathing problem.” The children will live at the Neves family home in Serrana, Sao Paulo. One of the rooms has been transformed into a nursery complete with cribs and an engraving of the children’s names. Marcelo said that the new arrivals are a “dream come true.”